The Irrevocable

The one undeniable lesson I’ve learned so far as I’ve been observing others’ blocks in energies, a tendency of belittling others,  flourishing all egos, negative attitude towards the kind gestures, ignoring the empathic expression, self-actualizing decision, hatred towards people, negative concept of forgiving, creating a label must, is simply their small quantity of experiences. They still don’t realize … More The Irrevocable

Rosy Anniversary

Hello, fellas! Hope you all are doin’ great. Seafoam Elixir is now the one-year-old baby of mine, kidding! I want to make this one-year anniversary special through this giveaway, beautiful rosy writing pad. Print them as much as you want and put your words to make them alive! Download Here for Free & Enjoy! Anyone … More Rosy Anniversary

Home Tonight

Tonight I’m not in the mood of making any masterpiece. I really don’t know why I do not feel a pinch of the necessity of being something magnificent, I simply urge to be me home. The energy is giving me an insight, a pretty blurry one but it’s sharp. I feel loved rarely but I’m … More Home Tonight

The Morning Designer

Grab the free printable “The Morning Designer” morning Planner! The more your morning is organised, the more your day is productive. Initiate your plans from morning and before that revitalise your body and mind with the “Dawn Boosters”. Just prioritise your needs and customise them. Spends Maximum 1.5 Hours and write down what you must do … More The Morning Designer

A Heart

-I will burn your heart out,you hear me? -Ahahahaha…..huh, I hear you but for your kind information, you should know that I don’t have any. I buried it miles and miles away. -But I’ve found it already. It’s caged in a palm fruit and now it’s ma’ dinner time. It looks so beautiful, so delicious! #Mobigraphy … More A Heart

A Bed of Roses

We love you so much.It’s endless.You can feel that,then why do you bite us? -Cuz’ life isn’t a bed of roses,hoomans! #Mobigraphy #22_June_2016 #CATastrophy #Moyna #MyLove

A White Rosette

I can travel a sea as the same length as the milky way has got to hover,for a white rose. I was lucky.I found her on the sidewalk. August 14, 2016 #Mobigraphy #Black&White #WhiteRose #Rosette

The Stage

The first retainer he gave to her was a golden wedding ring. The second—late at night he woke up, leaned over on an elbow, and kissed her. The third and the last— he died with and gave up loving and lived with her. A Marriage by Robert Creeley #Mobigraphy #The_Stage #Wedding_Ritual #Halud #Bangladesh #2015

Mesmerismo Verde

Rain.Coffee craving.Music in head.Campus.One moment and one snapshot.A tranquil beauty.Heart opening.Green blends with a magical mesmerism. Did I miss anything? #Mobigraphy #University_of_Dhaka #An_Art_of_Arts_Building #July_24_2016

Midnight Trek

Aloha fellas! Here, I’m with another freebie!Simple and subtle they are!Fun too.Hope you all like it. “Midnight Trek” has three sets of unique pattern designs named Bloom,cubic and Hola.Each one of them has three funky patterns.Just download them and print them.Then tune with your craft-creativity which I called “Craftivity”! So what are you guys waiting for? … More Midnight Trek

Sauntering for Centuries

Unheard is never unseen.The things that bear in silence won’t be unspoken forever. One day. A perfect time. Obscure will be unmasked.You never know when you have fallen back leading the crowd and one has reached earlier escaping the rabble.  


Here,Something from my passion.I simply created these patterns using my handy smartphone keeping the resolution high for printing.You can download and then print them for your own customized creative DIY ideas including gift-box wrapping,scrap-booking,card making,wall and desk decoration and many more.I’m leaving here some such DIY decorative ideas with patterned papers. Decorative Paper Crafts: 19 Fun Ways … More JOY


She knows she has to fight alone as she doesn’t follow the crowd. Sometimes a foggy vision gives her a hope,again it is what breaks her inside.she knows and she doesn’t know. But…sometimes the child in herself finds the joy being eldritch……  


Hey,where are you? Come here,see what’s going on! no delay,hurry up! Limelight is waiting for you…… Just step ahead and show your flame. The world is ready to see your burnt heart. Tool: Pixlr Express


To those who faced the mountain of struggles… a war against themselves in confusions,my words have jumbled up.Too many random thoughts,too much to say but no single word is coming out.All have vanished in silence,now they are dormant. Right now,for a moment, forget all fears, hey mountaineers, just say “Cheers” Tool : Pixlr Express

Yearnings Of Mystery

How does it feel to be a real mystery? A feeling of abundance, touches of copious attention? They say that they are mysterious. Are they? When you claim yourself as a mystery then most probably you’re not. The mystery isn’t a loud word ,it remains in silence.That’s the beauty of it. A mystery is a … More Yearnings Of Mystery